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Our services

On this and the following pages you can find some information on the services we offer to our clients. Click on the drop down tabs above to learn more about our Farm Services, our TB testing with XL Farmcare, and our Equine Services.

Our Farmskills Training page gives information on the latest courses available to our clients.


In addition to those mentioned above, we also provide additional services. Please contact the surgery with any enquiries.


Export Health Certification

Vets are not only responsible for animal disease prevention but also for humans too. Only healthy food is allowed to enter the human food chain and this is why these aspects of public health are under veterinary supervision, from TB monitoring in the national herd through to meat inspection at abbatoirs, the latter of which being a role several of our vets were involved in for many years.


In addition to the examination and certification of live animals being exported, e.g. for breeding or competition purposes, we also undertake the same duties with meat and dairy products.


We currently provide this health certification to a number of large commercial companies allowing export of products internationally.


Small Animal Services

The small animal division of Midshire Veterinary Group is made up of PAWS Veterinary Health Centre and Whitestone Veterinary Clinic.


For details of our companion animal practice and services, please visit their website at www.pawsvets.co.uk

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