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Herd and Flock Health Planning

We encourage all our cattle and sheep farmers to make health planning an active process with regular monitoring of key diseases and perfomance indicators. This leads to a discussion between farm staff and the farm vet about the best ways to improve management and disease control. In this way we can work with you to improve the health, welfare and productivity of your farms.


Our beef and dairy clients are encouraged to join Biobest's Hi Health Herdcare cattle health scheme

to control and eradicate BVDv, IBR, Leptospirosis and Johne's Disease on their farms. Many clients are

already benefiting from the eradication of these important diseases and have achieved acredited status

giving them enhanced health and production and improving their sales.


We have our own practice laboratory and also work closely with Biobest, the local VLA laboratory and

XLVets to give us excellent sample testing and post-mortem services to enable us to rapidly diagnose

disease outbreaks.

Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations

Sub-fertile or infertile bulls can cause considerable  financial loss in beef suckler and dairy herds leading to extended calving patterns, increased barren rates and a disappointing calving index. Often the damage is done before anyone realises that a particular bull has a fertility problem. This is especially the case with a sub-fertile bull and it has been estimated that as many as 20% of bulls are sub-fertile to some degree.


We offer a complete bull breeding soundness examination service that includes:

Beef suckler fertility work

Pregnancy testing is a very useful management tool on beef breeding farms and our vets use modern ultrasound scanners to diagnose pregnancy from as early as 30 days gestation. If your barren rate is above target we can offer disease monitoring and investigation, nutritional advice and bull fertility testing to get performance back on track.


Whilst most suckler farms rely on natural service, an increasing number are using synchronisation followed by fixed time AI to improve calving patterns and genetics. Our vets can advise on the best programme for you and carry out the necessary examinations and treatments.

Dairy fertility visits

Most of our dairy clients benefit from a regular fertility visit which at cow level involves pregnancy testing, post-calving checks and inspection of cows not seen in heat. The aim is to improve the fertility performance of the herd and our vets work closely with the farm staff to monitor fertility performance and give advice where improvements are needed.


We use Interherd and Totalvet software to analyse the farm's milk recording data and our routine visit clients get a regular fertility report which is discussed in detail with the farmer and used to focus advice and monitor progress. Fertility performance can also be benchmarked against similar sized dairies.

Mastitis investigations

Two of our farm vets are trained to deliver the excellent Dairy Co Mastitis Plan and we are able to offer our dairy clients a dedicated mastitis investigation service that includes analysis of the farm's clinical mastitis and individual somatic cell count data, a thorough farm visit and questionaire, and a written report that highlights the key areas for improvement. Ongoing monitoring will ensure that mastitis prevention stays on track.


Dariy farms that have fully engaged with this service have seen clinical mastitis rates and cell counts fall to impressive levels.

-A general physical examination plus mobility inspection

-A physical examination of the testis, penis, accessory sex glands and prepuce

-Blood testing for BVDv, IBR, Leptospirosis and Johne’s disease (if required)

-Semen collection by electro-ejaculation

-Evaluation of semen sample quality, motility and sperm anatomy

-Bull Breeding Soundness Certificate.

We recommend a pre-breeding soundness examination for bulls in advance of the breeding season to ensure that only fertile bulls are used. Bull breeding soundness examinations are also a useful tool in investigating herd fertility problems.

Farm Animal Surgery

We are fully equipped to carry out the full range of farm animal surgical procedures, from caesarean sections and correction of displaced abomasums, to ram vasectomies and routine castration and dehorning.


We can offer nutritional advice for all the main farm species.

Working with the Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service at Edinburgh University we can also offer a metabolic profiling service to our dairy clients who receive an excellent report on the nutritional status of the cows tested. We also use NMR Herd Companion, Interherd and TotalVet software to analyse herd production data and recommend improvements in nutritional management.

Bovine TB Testing

We offer a competitive pre-movement TB testing service and also work on behalf of AHVLA to carry out routine herd testing on our client’s farms.

All of our clinical farm vets are experienced TB testers, and our team also includes two full time TB testing vets.

24 Hour Emergency Cover

We provide a 24 hour call out service for all farm animal problems. We always have a dedicated farm animal vet on call just to deal with large animal emergencies.

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