Farm services

Farm services

We have a very proactive approach to our farm animal work including client education and supporting our future Veterinary Surgeons.  Our own Vets are expected to keep their skills up to date and our 24 hour emergency service is always manned by one of them.  For any of our services please contact a member of staff to discuss your needs

Aside from Cattle and Sheep we also treat a variety of other species including goats, alpacas and sheep to pigs and reindeer​

Herd and Flock Health Planning
We encourage health planning as an active process with regular monitoring and assessment with our Vets to improve health, welfare and productivity of your animals

Fertility Visits

From pregnancy diagnosis to treatment and planning and checks post calving, we work closely with farm staff to help with performance and improvment.  

We use milk monitoring programmes and are also able to help with synchronisation and advise on artificial insemination.

Bull and Ram checks

We recommend a pre breeding soundness examination to ensure the best animals are used. An MOT including a physical examination, mobility inspection, blood testing  (if required) and semen collection and analysis is carried out. 

Mastitis Investigations

Dairy farms that have fully engaged with this service have seen clinical mastitis rates and cell counts fall to impressive levels.

Client Evening Meetings

Educational evenings on various subjects provide support for our clients and a chance to catch up outside of the normal working day.

Sheep Club

Developed by Director Hannah Fletcher, sheep club aims to improve flock performance whilst reducing losses and costs.  Meetings and individual assessments are held throughout the year and can be tailored to your needs

Farm Animal Surgery

We are fully equipped to carry out many surgical procedures, from caesarian sections and corrections of displaced abomasums, to ram vasectomies and routine castrations and dehorning.

Nutritional Advice

Please speak to our Vets for nutritional advice.

Export Certification

Please speak to one of our Vets with regard to export of livestock, meat and dairy products .

XL Farmcare

We are part of XL Farmcare and help to provide TB testing in the region.  Our farm reception will be happy to arrange your test and will also deal with any enquiries.



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