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XL Farmcare Midlands Ltd

In 2012 we joined together with eight other large farm animal practices in the Midlands region to form a company called XL Farmcare Midlands Ltd to provide a Bovine TB testing service in the region. We now collectively carry out about 30% of all the routine AHVLA bovine TB testing in the Midlands Region, from the Welsh border to the East Coast.


Pre-movement testing remains a separate 'in house' service provided by Midshire Farm and Equine.


As a result of our colaboration, farm clients of Midshire Veterinary Group Ltd will have their routine AHVLA TB testing provided by XL Farmcare Midlands Ltd. However, at a practical level, in almost all cases TB testing will actually be carried out by our own Midshire farm vets working on behalf of XL Farmcare. This means that your test will almost always be carried out by a vet from Midshire Farm and Equine but gives us flexibility and additional cover in the event of a particularly busy time or a flare up of disease in a particular area.


By working together in this way with  XL Farmcare Midlands Ltd we aim to ensure that all our client’s herd tests can be carried out on time and in a professional and quality assured manner to help prevent the spread of this important disease within the region.