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Farmskills Training

Farmskills is an XLVet initiative to deliver training to farmers across the UK. We provide  training to our farm clients on a wide variety of subjects.


Farmskills Training courses are practical training sessions carried out on farm and delivered by our vets to small groups of farmers (6 to 8 ideally). They have proved to be very popular and give trainees a chance to learn new skills and acquire new ideas in a friendly hands-on environment. Examples of courses provided by us in the past are Calf Rearing, Practical Lambing and Sheep Fertility.


Whilst we provide our own training courses locally, our clients are also welcome to attend courses provided by other practices in XLVets. For information on all the Farmskills training courses available across the UK please click on the logo below to link to the Farmskills webpage:

We also get involved with other XLVet practices in running other training initiatives coordinated by Farmskills.


These often take the form of national campaigns and our involvement in the National BVD Eradication Campaign is a good example of this, as was our work on delivering training to farmers on Bovine TB in the Edge Area.


Please keep an eye on our website and the Farmskills website for future training campaigns.



Upcoming Midshire Farmskills courses :
























To book your place please contact our farm rexception on 02476 381494


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